Turf Growth Regulation

About Turf Growth Regulation

Many folks think it’s easy to roll some turf off a truck and place it down on their property. While installing new turf is easy, getting it to grow properly is a completely different story. It’s essential to prepare your ground correctly, select the appropriate turf, and understand how to care for and hydrate your grass in the first few weeks. This is why you require the skills and experience of a business that is knowledgeable about laying new turf. Our garden management experts put in a lot of effort to avoid downtime and improve productivity, and we can easily regulate the turfs in your house or place of business.

We love our lawn and you will too! After laying your lawn and removing pallets and debris, we’ll show you how to best care for your lawn for the first few weeks of its new life. Our skilled team of gardeners goes above and beyond for clients’ happiness, therefore we promptly respond to all questions and requests. Before installing the turf, a weed barrier should be added to prevent weeds and vegetation from growing through the turf. After that, carefully roll the turf to ensure that the joints are tight and even. The turf edges must be secured as the final stage. Galvanised U-pins can be used to maintain them safe and aesthetically beautiful.

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