About Spraying

To get rid of weeds that won’t go away, we may have to resort to severe measures. Herbicides are used during the process of “weed spraying” to get rid of persistent weed invasions. They are poisonous substances that are frequently used as weed killers. All forms of weeds can be quickly and effectively removed by weed spraying. The task of weed spraying should be left to professionals who maintain gardens. Plants and insects alike can be armed. They might also have unfavourable side effects. Our weed control specialists will develop a specific weed control treatment plan for your lawn and garden using our lawn & garden weed spraying services and their years of experience dealing with hundreds of weed species.

We target problem weeds and minimize the spread of the spray  to desired vegetation. At Herrmann’s Lawn Maintenance, we understand chemicals and select the most desirable herbicide that will achieve the best results with the least possible risk to the environment and the applicator. Our team members are trained in safe spraying, holding a ChemCert license which allows them to safely apply products to your property to protect your garden and the well-being of your family, children and pets. Fox prides itself on  quality service, so call the experts at Herrmann’s Lawn Maintenance and let us take care of those pesky pests for you!

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